Feeling bloated, low energy levels, tired all the time, poor sleep patterns, spotty, greasy skin? Whilst you may not feel you need to lose weight you may not be making the most of your diet and thus not feeling 100%. Here at DNA4 Life Blackpool & Lytham St..Annes we can help educate you to make wiser food choices and eat healthier in order to increase your feeling of well being. We can tailor diets to your specific needs such as to complement an exercise or training regime, support you through a healthy pregnancy and the first few months after the birth, help with post operative nutrition, or to manage depression and combat stress.

Once you have reached your target weight it can be hard to maintain it as 90% of people regain all the weight they have worked so hard to lose. DNA 4 Life will help and support you on a monthly basis with weight monitoring, menu ideas and by encouraging you to maintain your new, healthier lifestyle and continue with any exercise and stress management programmes that you may have started and discourage you from slipping back into unhealthy habits. We will also help you to choose the best menu options when dining out or on holiday and help you manage temptation!

Bosses why not invest in your company's health, boost energy levels amongst their staff and dramatically reduce sick and stress days thus improving performance and well-being across the workplace. We are able to tailor corporate packages for you and your staff with consultations at your place of work at times to suit you and your staff ie lunch-times, early evening straight after work or any time suitable to yourselves. Please contact Edyta Paxton DNA4Life Tel 01253 446944 to arrange an informal discussion with regard to individually designed workplace packages and costs.

Diet and nutrition play an important and integral part in our health and daily lifestyle and well being. Unfortunately we are not always going to feel well 100% of the time and may suffer from food intolerances or medical conditions at some point in our life. Eating healthily can help combat some of these symptoms but quite often finding the right food groups and combinations to assist in our well being can be confusing and stressful. Here at DNA 4 Life we can help you put together a specific diet for your specific needs and help get you back on the road to recovery as fast as possible.

Your symptoms can include feeling cold, unexplained weight gain or loss, feeling very sluggish and tired, dry skin, constipation etc. A specifically tailored diet concentrating on healthy low fat proteins, fresh vegetables and fruits, wholegrains and gentle exercise can help you overcome some of your symptoms.

If you are feeling bloated and suffer from wind it is likely that you have an over-growth of yeast and this can contribute to weight gain and feeling uncomfortable in your clothes and being sluggish and tired. Again, a specifically tailored diet can help overcome these symptoms and educate you towards a healthier lifestyle.

Unfortunately we all suffer from stress; it's a symptom of modern life. However, cutting out processed carbohydrates, drinking and smoking less, adding gentle exercise coupled with a healthy diet can help you overcome even the most difficult emotional times and here at DNA 4 Life we will support you through this.

As we get older our dietary requirements change as our body's needs for certain nutrients increase. By tailoring your diet to suit your body's changing needs you can maintain a healthy life/age balance.