What We Do
At DNA4LIFE we measure your:

Body fat percentage

Muscle mass

Visceral fat rating

Basal metabolic rate

Chest, waist and hip circumference

Calculate your metabolic age

All these factors help us to provide you with an individual weight loss programme, tailored to your dietary requirements and goals, taking into account your lifestyle as well as helping you to manage your expectations on a day by day basis.

At DNA4Life we aim to help you balance your weight with a healthy diet and nutrition plan coupled with a weekly exercise programme for a helthier and fitter life.

Our exercise programmes are all aimed at beginners through to those who are already active but looking to increase tone, core strength and fitness levels.

Our beginners running club, yoga and boot camps are aimed at couch potatoes and fitness phobes, those of you who haven't exercised for quite a few years, maybe since school or after having a baby, but would like to improve your general fitness and get back into a regular exercise programme.

We start you off gently and, at a pace to suit you, gradually buid up your stamina, core strength, tone and fitness, but as importantly we like to foster a good social atmoshere so you enjoy your work outs with us and look forward to coming back.